Self Care / Wellness Workshops - $20.00 *ON HOLD*

1603 20th Ave NW – Lower Level
8 people limit per workshop
Sign up via email.
Cost: $20.00


Just send your name and which date you’d like to attend to and we will confirm your attendance!

Self-care is an important part of everyone’s day. This self-care workshop introduces you to a variety of movements and muscle release techniques for the common aches and pains many of us experience. We all have weak links, past injuries and postural distortions. Discover simple & effective ways to release muscle tightness, enhance joint mobility & improve your posture.

Join Dr. Laura for this Self-Care Workshop
This Workshop includes 30 minutes of interactive learning & 60 minutes of self-care activities.

  • Learn how your brain, joints & muscles all work together to create your body’ posture.
  •  Find out why posture & joint mobility affects your overall health.
  • Practice using Therapy Balls, Alpha Balls & Travel Rollers. Learn which techniques work the best for you to improve how your body moves.
  • Discover how spending a few minutes each day giving your body a little self-care LOVE helps you to feel better, function better, and BE a better version of yourself!

If you have your own therapy balls or a travel roller please bring them. They are important tools for your self-care regimen. There will be some available for you to try at the workshop, as well as for purchase if you would like to take them home with you.

The Self Care Workshops have a corresponding Patient Handout that can be downloaded HERE. We recommend printing this and bringing it with you to the class.

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