Lindsey Gubic (Pattern)

Massage Therapist

Lindsey Gubic started with us in the spring of 2010 and has been practicing Massage Therapy for over 6 years. She graduated from Wellington College in 2007 from her home town in Winnipeg, MB and moved to Calgary that same year to start her massage career. She specializes in rehabilitative and thorough deep tissue massage but also has experience in relaxation, sports, and prenatal massage.

She has helped many of her clients become pain free from conditions such as plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff injuries, low back pain, sports injuries, MVA’s and whiplash. She is also very passionate about all aspects of health including nutrition, exercise, stretching, and stress relief. She loves to help and educate clients to reach their health and wellness goals, whatever that might be.

Louise Drinnan

Massage Therapist

Louise had been interested in massage since high school but went the esthetics and administrative route first. Not feeling fulfilled, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a Massage Therapist. She graduated in 2013 with 2200 hours of training. She joined us at the Wellness Studio in 2014!

Louise is trained in relaxation, therapeutic, deep tissue, prenatal and juvenile massage. She is also trained in therapeutic breast massage. She has also incorporating CranioSacral Therapy into her practice and is very excited to be able to offer this to her clients.

She is constantly amazed by the human body and the healing benefits of massage. She loves that she gets to have a direct hand in helping people feel better, and tries to look at each person as a puzzle and figure out how to make the puzzle fit together better.

Louise was born and raised here in Calgary and when not at work, you will find her either with family and friends, or cheering her son on at the soccer field!

Lori Weldon

Massage Therapist

Lori Weldon is a  Massage Therapist with the Alberta Massage Therapist and Holistic Practitioners Association.

Her practice mainly focuses on deep tissue therapy which is more than just working on muscles. She has a strong belief in looking at the structural integrity of the body as a whole. Lori’s treatments vary from patient to patient because she works from an intuitive place which guides the direction of her treatments.

As mentioned before, she not only works with soft tissue but also works with the bones, fascia, and the function of the joints.

Lori is trained in pregnancy massage, myofascial release and zero balancing which is a bone energy technique. She likes to use many techniques and different modalities depending on the need of the client.

Heather Mix, RMT, RHN

Massage Therapist

Heather Mix graduated from the Grant MacEwan Massage Therapy Program in Edmonton in 1999. Upon completion, she went on to acquire her certification in pre and perinatal massage, focusing not only on the prenatal benefits of massage, but also on facilitating the labour process and post-partum recovery. To compliment her massage therapy skills, Heather has also practiced as a professional labour assistant, otherwise known as a Doula. Heather went on to acquire her certification in foot reflexology, through the Universal College of Reflexology in 2005. With this holistic therapy, Heather also offers Therapeutic European Reflexology and Maternity Reflexology; the latter is specifically designed sessions to address infertility, pregnancy and post-partum concerns.

To compliment her services, Heather graduated from the Canadian College of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) with a diploma in Holistic Nutrition in 2009.  As a busy mom of two young children, she is not doing nutritional consulting at this time, but continues to do post-graduate studies focusing on women’s health and pediatrics.

Heather has been a member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) since 1999, and regularly does upgrading to improve her skills to learn a new technique or modality.  She is currently doing her advanced orthopedic massage certification.

Her passion and specialty is pre and perinatal massage, facilitating mommas through the transition of pregnancy and post-partum recovery.

Shauna McLean, RMT

Shauna has been massaging for 9 years. She received her 2200 hour training at Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy in Vernon, BC. Shauna has always had a passion for health, wellness, and healing. She specializes in therapeutic relaxation. Shauna works within light to deep treatment with an overall feeling of flow and relaxation. Prenatal, sports and Thai yoga massage are other treatments she provides. Shauna recently completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in December 2017 and newly teaching part time.

Prior to massage therapy, Shauna worked as a sports trainer with Junior A  hockey for 8 years, having her Kinesiology and Athletic Therapy degree and certificate respectively. Over the years, Shauna has spent more time in her journey with yoga, meditation, personal development, spending time outdoors, taking spin classes and exploring new activities.